Some trackers to the same device_tracker


I’m trying some Presence Detection integrations. Some like Ping or Nmap creates a device_tracker entity based on the known_devices.yaml file. Then I have for example:

  • (from App)
  • device_tracker.mobile_nmap (from Nmap)
  • device_tracker.mobile_ping (from Ping)

I understand that the App device_tracker and the ones that comes from known_devices file are impossible to merge, but what about Ping + Nmap?

Could I merge Ping and Nmap in only one known_device (like device_tracker.mobile_known) and both Nmap and Ping points to it? could this cause problems when Ping says Not_Home and Nmap says Home?

Best Regards
Daniel Martín González

Take a look at the person integration, it lets you bind multiple device trackers to one person.

But what if I want to merge trackers for another device like… a television? create a person for television presence sounds creepy.

Yeah I agree, but first why do you want to have multiple device trackers for a TV and second why a device tracker for a TV, it is either “on” or “off” or do you have some kind of GPS in your TV and carry it around? xD

I think the device_tracker approach to On/Off could offer a good option when another fails. I take the point that Device_trackers must be oriented to location but it’s difficult to track on/off in some devices like tablets, consoles or computers.

I check Ping or Nmap for this devices and have some errors, but it’s the easiest option.