Some ZHA devices stop responding, while others still work. HA restart "fixes" this for a while

The subject says it all.

I’ve got about 8 zigbee devices (and two routers, for good measure) - and some of the devices stop reacting to home assistant commands.

I’m using the new shiny SkyConnect dongle.

What’s weird, from my point of view, is that HA restart (I’m running Home Assistant OS, so doing it from the HA UI) - immediately fixes the problem.

Given enough time, the devices would become unresponsive again (some of them at least)

Any ideas (except for switching back to Zigbee2Mqtt?)

BTW Is there a way to schedule HA restarts? “Home Assistant command line” seems to have cron, maybe I could use that to force-restart my HA every night?

Are all the devices that stop responding going through the same repeater?

Can’t really tell yet (will pay attention) - as I don’t have that many devices going through routers. Also - is there a way to tell a device to connect directly to the coordinator? (Like I said, the network is not that big and there’s basically line-of-sight from coordinator to one of the problematic switches)

No, I just let the device pick. Will try to use “add via this device”

Not 100% conclusive, but seems like devices connected via eWelink smart socket (as router) became unresponsive.

Weird detail - the eWelink still works (can turn it on off).

I guess my next step would be replacing the eWelink with a different plug