Something change with modbus integration?

Hi guys

I recently updated my HA version and now my modbus integration has stopped working, has something changed?

These are the errors I’m getting along with my config, I unfortunately cannot copy the config text at the moment.



I had exactly the same this morning. I had to change ‘int’ to ‘int32’ and it started working ok!


Thanks !! Had the same issue, your countermeasure made at least the error message disappear.
Will see if all is back to normal again tomorrow.

Have posted your solution on another forum (Dutch language).

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Thanks @nrandell this got me headed in the right direction.

What confused me was the error was being reported as line 226 of my configuration file which were the first modbus entries when in fact it was 2 of my sensor which appeared on lines 310 & 315 that were causing the issue.

Just to add further comments which may help others, I changed int to int32 and that specific sensor worked but had another sensor using uint and changed that to uint32 but the data it reported was completely inaccurate (see below) I then did some reading and noted that int & uint was previously silently converted to int16 & uint16 so I changed my sensors accordingly and they are now working as they should.