Something is blocking HA wrap up

After updating to 2024.4.5.x I’m getting the below error on every restart. Never seen this before. Searching on line and in forums didn’t give anything useful, and I don’t understand what it means or what to do with it:

Logger: homeassistant.core
First occurred: 12:10:39 PM (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 12:10:39 PM

Something is blocking Home Assistant from wrapping up the start up phase. We're going to continue anyway. Please report the following info at command_line, netatmo.sensor, hardware, netatmo, number, homekit_controller.light, bluetooth, netatmo.light, person, backup, input_select, nodered.switch, analytics, qnap, cover, tasmota.light, smartthings, deconz.switch, smartthings.switch, alexa_media, esphome.number, mqtt.button, repairs, met, media_source, map, deconz.lock, netatmo.switch, system_log,, command_line.sensor, input_number, home_connect_alt.button, api, mqtt.sensor, script, cast.media_player, smartthings.cover, auth, netatmo.binary_sensor, camera, wis-stt,, netatmo.climate, sonoff.climate, squeezebox, logbook, timer, melcloud.climate, deconz.climate, sonoff, persistent_notification, history, wis-stt.stt, media_player, bluetooth_adapters, onboarding, sonoff.cover, counter, netatmo.cover, energy.sensor, tasmota, tibber, dhcp, conversation, norway_air.air_quality, rest_command, air_quality, xcomfort_bridge, google_assistant.button, ld2410_ble, group.light, zone, smartthings.sensor, usb, esphome.sensor, mqtt,, websocket_api, template.sensor, version, deconz.light, wake_word, config_editor, systemmonitor.sensor, scene, tag, esphome.binary_sensor, tasmota.sensor, extended_openai_conversation, stt, cloud.tts, openhardwaremonitor.sensor, sonoff.binary_sensor, google_translate, esphome.button, network, mqtt.update, xcomfort_bridge.climate, xcomfort_bridge.cover, home_connect_alt.switch, template, file_upload,, nut, lovelace, schedule,, esphome.switch, sonoff.number, deconz.siren, tasmota.cover, xcomfort_bridge.sensor, http, home_connect_alt, squeezebox.media_player, image_upload, webhook, tibber_data.sensor, homekit_controller, device_automation, deconz.sensor, mqtt.number, assist_pipeline, sonoff.light, siren, group.sensor, sonoff.sensor, universal.media_player,, water_heater, systemmonitor.binary_sensor, mobile_app, smartthings.binary_sensor, button, my, melcloud.sensor, scrape, cert_expiry, calendar, frontend, qnap.sensor, home_connect_alt.sensor, input_datetime, deconz.alarm_control_panel, nodered, mqtt.binary_sensor, esphome.light, version.sensor, google_translate.tts, sun, hacs.update, home_connect_alt.number, light, alarm_control_panel, cast, tibber_data, tasmota.binary_sensor, default_config, tibber.notify, group.cover, version.binary_sensor, workday, homeassistant, mobile_app.notify, xcomfort_bridge.switch, energy, ssdp,,, androidtv_remote, sonoff.switch, deconz, mobile_app.binary_sensor, co2signal.sensor, template.binary_sensor, zeroconf, trace, search, mobile_app.device_tracker, nordpool, cloud, logger, select,, google.calendar, switch, homeassistant_alerts, input_button, workday.binary_sensor, stream, config, smartthings.light,, time, xcomfort_bridge.light, device_tracker, nodered.sensor, input_text, home_connect_alt.time, lock, google_assistant, update, melcloud, smartthings.scene, homekit_controller.button, ffmpeg, melcloud.water_heater, binary_sensor, sensor, tibber.sensor, alexa, climate, hacs.sensor, deconz.scene, input_boolean, tasmota.switch, fan, tts, nordpool.sensor, nut.sensor, intent,, sonoff.remote, smartthings.climate, watchman, blueprint, oralb.sensor, watchman.sensor, weather, homekit_controller.switch, deconz.number, rest,, utility_meter.sensor, sonoff.button, diagnostics, recorder, rest.sensor, application_credentials, co2signal, smartthings.lock, tibber_data.binary_sensor, cloud.binary_sensor, deconz.button, home_connect_alt.binary_sensor, ipp, system_health, google, sun.sensor, homeassistant.scene, remote, utility_meter, time_date.sensor, group, esphome, homekit_controller.binary_sensor, automation, xcomfort_bridge.binary_sensor, cloud.stt, deconz.cover, mqtt.switch, deconz.binary_sensor, oralb, mobile_app.sensor, hacs, nodered.button, notify, systemmonitor The system is waiting for tasks: {<Task pending name='Task-3644' coro=<async_discover() running at /usr/local/lib/python3.12/site-packages/pysqueezebox/> wait_for=<Future pending cb=[Task.task_wakeup()]> cb=[set.remove()]>, <Task pending name='Task-3812' coro=<Store._async_callback_delayed_write() running at /usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/helpers/> wait_for=<Future pending cb=[_chain_future.<locals>._call_check_cancel() at /usr/local/lib/python3.12/asyncio/, <1 more>, Task.task_wakeup()]> cb=[set.remove()]>}

I have the same issue but the logs do not indicate what is causing it

Mine just seems to list every integration but does not say which of them are the cause:

Something is blocking Home Assistant from wrapping up the start up phase. We're going to continue anyway. Please report the following info at assist_pipeline, device_automation, ibeacon, event, camera, hassio.sensor, hassio.binary_sensor, humidifier, clicksend.notify, zha.binary_sensor, config, number, alarm_control_panel, ssdp, switch, script, utility_meter.sensor, logbook, cloud, zha, media_source, ffmpeg, file_upload, hardware, systemmonitor.binary_sensor, cloud.tts, input_select, siren, conversation, zha.light, network, hassio, backup, tuya.scene, hue, frigate.update, zha.lock, mobile_app.sensor, frigate.number, zha.alarm_control_panel, sensor, homeassistant.scene,, intent, lock, frigate.switch,, input_datetime, system_log, mqtt, frigate.binary_sensor, rest_command, my, image, tuya.switch, onboarding, persistent_notification,, downloader, esphome.sensor, zha.update,, hue.binary_sensor, sun.sensor, mobile_app.binary_sensor, cover, trace, binary_sensor, api, hue.sensor, zha.climate, template.button, stream, tts, input_boolean, fan, zha.button, input_text, tuya.button, hue.scene, wiser.climate, speedtestdotnet.sensor, template.sensor, tuya.siren, template.switch, esphome.climate, button, history, analytics, utility_meter, lovelace, rest.notify, sun, timer, energy, zha.siren, frontend, wake_word, ibeacon.device_tracker, template.number, repairs, homeassistant_alerts, websocket_api, homeassistant, zha.number, rest, ibeacon.sensor, application_credentials, wiser, scene, systemmonitor, mobile_app.device_tracker, hacs.sensor, tuya, diagnostics, esphome.binary_sensor, hassio.update, zeroconf,, system_health, hue.light, generic_thermostat.climate, tuya.binary_sensor, map, hacs.update, homeassistant_hardware, input_button, notify, tag, shell_command, openweathermap.sensor, select, weather, zha.cover, wiser.number, frigate.sensor, default_config, tuya.sensor, counter, schedule, frigate, time_date.sensor, energy.sensor, light, frigate.image, image_upload, esphome, tuya.alarm_control_panel, mqtt.sensor,, zha.sensor, zone, mqtt.binary_sensor, template.binary_sensor, search, esphome.number, tuya.vacuum, smtp.notify, recorder, tod.binary_sensor, mobile_app.notify, vacuum, template, esphome.light, tuya.climate, hue.switch, wiser.button,, systemmonitor.sensor, zha.device_tracker, homeassistant_sky_connect, wiser.cover, tuya.number, logger, thread, blueprint, zha.switch, speedtestdotnet, esphome.button, dhcp, wiser.sensor, update,, auth, mobile_app,, hue.event, panel_custom, bluetooth_adapters, hacs, stt, openweathermap, otbr, wiser.switch,, usb, webhook, esphome.switch, automation, person, input_number, wiser.light, tuya.light, http, history_stats.sensor, device_tracker, tuya.cover, climate, tuya.humidifier, bluetooth, pyscript The system is waiting for tasks: {<Task pending name='Task-3830' coro=<HacsBase.startup_tasks() running at /config/custom_components/hacs/> wait_for=<Future pending cb=[BaseSelectorEventLoop._sock_write_done(17, handle=<Handle BaseS..., 443, 0, 0))>)(), Task.task_wakeup()]> cb=[set.remove()]>}

I have disabled all addons, all integrations and removed my custom yaml files, has made no difference whatsoever.

I have 2 instances both running for a few years, one home assistant yellow, the other on proxmox.

Yesterday I updated yellow (last update february) that did not have the same issue until updating to latest version yesterday.

So it appears that the last few updates have broken HA !

I just downgraded to 2024.4.4 problem has gone.

Previously startup would only fully complete after 15 to 30 minutes, now it completes in under a minute.

Look at the end of the line, and you can see which component is causing it. It looks to be squeezebox for @Viking and pyscript for @crankshaft.

@zenzay42 - thanks, and you are right, it’s pyscript.

Thanks for helping

Hi @zenzay42 and thanks for stepping in.
I also saw that “squeezebox” was referenced at the end of the list. (Squeezebox is the legacy name for Logitech Media Server).
I have used that integration for years without any issues. How can I find out what causes this, and how to fix it?
Secondly, why would an error with the Squeezebox integration cause the error message to list absolutely every other integration in my HA instance? This type of error messages are even more confusing that the notorious “Something went wrong” messages that Microsoft tends to throw. :rofl:

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I wouldn’t worry to much about this error. :slight_smile: There must be something off, but it doesn’t stop HA from running. That’s good!

I have the same errors and can’t pinpoint it down, as in my case with every restart the integration that’s listed as cause is different… :open_mouth: And as we can see, we’re at least three different people, that have the same problem, but with other sympthoms. Doesn’t sound like coincidence. :wink:

Let’s see, if we can get something useful out of this and narrow it down a bit. :slight_smile:

Can you both @Viking and @crankshaft check your start-up times and post them? And some details about the installation would be good as well.

I’ll start :wink:

  • HA-OS on Proxmox
    • Core 2024.5.3
    • Supervisor 2024.05.1
    • Operating System 12.3
    • Frontend 20240501.1

Startup times (let’s limit this a bit, eg. the slowest five or startup time over 1 second or something like that)

Integration seconds
AVM FritzBox Tools 14,63
AVM FritzBox Callmonitor 5,60
Sony Bravia TV 3,29
Telegram Bot 2,98
Rademacher HomePilot 2,94
Workday 2,66
Spook 2,46

And don’t change anything for now! If HA is working, that’s a good sign, so we leave it at that and try to see, where it comes from. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I forgot to mention, my best guess for now is HACS. But I’ll have to narrow it down to it, to be sure. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t look like anyone opened a GitHub issue for the pyscript problem (although based on the post, its looks like a problem with hacs as it seems to be HacsBase.startup_tasks()), but there was one opened for squeezebox which I happened to fix yesterday:


That’s great, thanks! :+1:

Unfortunately I doubt, that this is the reason for the errors, as I uninstalled Squeezebox and LMS at least a year ago… :smiley:

My guess was HACS as well, so can one (me) do anything to debug this? I already re-installed HACS yesterday, but to no avail. I’ll activate debug mode for HACS and see, what the log comes up with. :slight_smile:

Do you know, if there is an issue already or should we open one? If so, I’d like to gather some more information and try to narrow it down, at least a little, before opening the issue.

I’m not a HA developer but clearly something has changed since 2024.5 as a lot of integrations will now give you this warning. I’ve had 3 different ones, which thankfully now have been fixed by the author. I can only suggest to open an issue, if you get this warning. Apparently the fix is quick to implement.

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That doesn’t make sense, as it would point to only custom components, where the authors could fix something. Which integrations did you get fixed?

My guess is still HACS, as it’s the only thing, that connects all this. :slight_smile:

And opening an issue is nice, but without further inspection, it doesn’t make much sense. We can’t say anything useful for a dev to look at, we need more information first. :slight_smile:

I don’t have HACS installed and still got the warnings. The custom component Energi Data Service was one of the things fixed. Squeezebox integration was another.

Listing the warnings in the opened issue was enough to get it fixed for me.

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Hi @paddy0174 and thanks for your academic approach.
I too suspect this to be a HACS issue and not something related at all to any of the info in the error message, but i might be wrong about this.
I noticed though that upon updating to 2025.5.3 HACS failed to come up on the front end. I had to completely clear all browser data to get it up, and there was a completely new front end design for HACS. This came as a total surprise for me. No warning, no notifications.
Anyway, here are my details:

HA 2024.5.3 Core running in a Docker container on a QNAP NAS.
Front-end; 20240501.1
HACS 1.34.0

I have a ton of integrations, plus many HACS custom integrations. I can’t list them all, but so far I hadn’t any such problems earlier.

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If it was HACS, how would you explain that I got warnings too, when I don’t run HACS at all? How would you explain the issue with the HA Squeezebox integration? I don’t think it’s HACS but an underlying issue with the stuff you install with HACS.

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This is not a competition, we’re all here to find an error. :wink:

Good point, if you don’t have HACS installed. But I can’t see why all of a sudden practically all integrations are not working properly and delaying the startup. If it’s three integrations for you, plus the different ones I had, we are easy at ten integrations.

All these have the same error, at the same time? I find that highly unlikely.

What would be your guess as an “underlying issue”? I can think of something that has changed in HA core, so integrations get an error. But nobody knows about it? Such things normally are all over the forum, as many, many developers would need to change something. I haven’t read anything in this regard in the last weeks or months.

But I just restarted to look after the exact error, this is the last part, after all integrations are listed.

The system is waiting for tasks: {<Task pending name=‘Task-2096’ coro=<HacsBase.startup_tasks() running at /config/custom_components/hacs/> wait_for=<_GatheringFuture pending cb=[Task.task_wakeup()]> cb=[set.remove()]>}

And I have a new error from HACS as well:

Logger: custom_components.hacs
Quelle: custom_components/hacs/
Integration: HACS

Could not update plugin - Timeout of 60s reached
Could not update integration - Timeout of 60s reached

Maybe we should think of HACS only as an integration in this case, not what it’s about?

Would you mind sharing a screenshot? :open_mouth: I have the same style in HACS for ages…

Good point - and definitely valid.
As i said, I’m just guessing.

I would like to do the Squeezebox update, but I’m uncertain how to…

Any advice anyone?

I wouldn’t worry too much about the Squeezebox warning. It should be gone in the next release of HA, and until then everything still works. It’s only a warning after all.

WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.core] Something is blocking Home Assistant from wrapping up the start up phase. We’re going to continue anyway.

The fix, as @bdraco mentions on Github:

The discovery task is a long running task which should not be waited for at startup and needs to be marked as background.

The other problem I encountered, with my integrations, was about blocking the event loop, which is something HA now detects.

I have no idea about the HACS errors though.

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So I installed HACS, and a few components (UI Minimalist Lovelace, Energi Data Service and Local Tuya), to see whether I would provoke any HACS errors. So far I only get a few warnings in the log:

2024-05-14 17:42:10.832 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.helpers.frame] Detected that custom integration 'hacs' accesses hass.components.frontend. This is deprecated and will stop working in Home Assistant 2024.9, it should be updated to import functions used from frontend directly at custom_components/hacs/, line 68: hass.components.frontend.async_register_built_in_panel(, please create a bug report at
2024-05-14 17:42:17.581 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.helpers.frame] Detected that custom integration 'hacs' accesses hass.helpers.event. This is deprecated and will stop working in Home Assistant 2024.11, it should be updated to import functions used from event directly at custom_components/hacs/, line 642: self.hass.helpers.event.async_track_time_interval(, please create a bug report at

It looks like the HACS developers are aware of this particular issue though.