Something messes up with my timezone and location info

I am new to HA and by reading hearing and there or somehow I have added long, lat , elevation values though UI and yaml. And somehow I messed up.

Finally, my location and weather info is messed up, even then I couldn’t get what I started for.

Can someone help me finding my place ( and any other place I want) long, lat and elevation values? how do u get that ?

I have tried Google Earth, my phone’s GPS loc etc and see diff values.

Go to Configuration > General where you will see a map. Move the marker to where you live. Ensure the time zone is correct. Specify the elevation of your location (optional; it improves the accuracy of sun-related calculations). Specify your preferred unit system and click Save. Done!

If everything is ‘grayed out’ (disabled) in the UI, it means you have already supplied all of this information in your configuration.yaml file. I suggest you remove it from there, restart Home Assistant, and set it in the UI.

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Sure, I gonna do that. How to get the correct elevation number?

OMG! this is so hard , there is no coordinates I can type or find my location option neither from phone app or desktop UI. any other simple way?I am somewhere in Asia , brought to North American and my city. I am sure I cannot fetch more than that…

Are you saying you don’t know where you live?
I don’t think you can get a precise location using internet alone.
Most of the time those services just get where a base station is and not where you are.

Regarding elevation, google the city name and you will not likely find information about elevation.
You don’t need to be very precise. Not with your home location either.
Only if you will use it for some automation then it will be important that your home location is correct.

lol , I know where i live. I mean to say , I am unable to drag from city view to my street view that much I do not know the routes. Hope you got what I mean .
(sry english isn’t my first lang , tried my level best to explain)
for Previce loc, should I need any device or some sensor on my phone I can use?
and I want to try some automatons I see online which needed elevation.

It’s one of the easiest things to do in Home Assistant. If you think it’s difficult, the rest of Home Assistant will feel impossible. :man_shrugging:

Using search for the name of the desired location. The map will display the location and the URL will contain the latitude and longitude (last two numbers in the URL).