Something turning on bedroom lights even with automations disabled?

Hello all!

My Homeassistant setup is pretty basic. handful of Philips Hue lights in several rooms, and a couple Kasa light switches in a small apartment. Everything (except for the Kasa Light switches) are tied into my philips hue bridge. The issue is isolated to my bedroom only.

In my bedroom, I have a single motion sensor that activates a handful of lights. I managed to write a motion sensing automation that turns on the lights to a specific scene during the morning and afternoon, and the motion sensing is ignored at night after I go to sleep. This worked flawlessly for about a month without me touching anything.

All of a sudden one day, the motion detector lights would activate to full brightness no matter the time of day. Normally, I feel comfortable debugging some issues by process of elimination. But this one has me stumped - the motion sensor turns on the lights no matter what, even when all of my automations (even those unrelated to the bedroom) are disabled! The only thing that turns it off is if I toggle the motion sensor status to “off” when I go to bed.

A screenshot of my event log is below. All it shows is that the lights were turned on, so I’m at a loss as to what part of homeassistant could be triggering this. Are there other logs or config files I could post that might help someone help me with this issue?

Things I have tried:
-Restarting the homeassistant (docker instance on an Rpi3B+), installed on an SD card.
-Combing through my automations yaml code (at least one variable had been changed to “null”. I don’t think I did this, but hard to say for certain.
-Toggling the motion sensor on and off in the Phillips Hue App
-Deleting any and all automations in Philips Hue
-Changing the Zigbee channel of the Hue Bridge

I assume the final step would be to reinstall homeassistant from a backup, to see if something was corrupted. But before I go that far and spend another day setting up everything again (trying to not frustrate my SO in the process), I wanted to post this here in case I’m missing a very basic form of debugging. I enjoy learning these processes, but admittedly am on the beginner side of this learning curve and would appreciate learning how to fix this instead of starting over when I run into such simple-sounding issues. I searched the forums a handful of times but was not able to find anyone with a similar issue.

Thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide!

I’m having similar problems.

My Zigbee stuff is integrated via Zigbee2MQTT.
I have an automation that changes a slider from 2000 to 5500 throughout the start of the day and at the end of the day changes the slider back down again.

I have an automation that uses the slider value changing as a trigger, and then sets the colour temperature of the livingroom lights to the value of the slider.

This has worked for over a year.

In the last week though, the colour temperature will go from say 3876 to 5200 for absolutely no reason. If I disable the automation that sets the colour temperature, and manually set the temperature to 2000K after a few minutes, it still reverts to 5500 and no automation or scripts are listed as being triggered at that time.

At night, after the livingroom lights are turned off, one light is turned back on sometime withing 15-20 minutes, but nothing in the log explains why. The log says:

Turned on
23:18:54 - 5 hours ago

Turned off triggered by Google Assistant sent command ActivateScene
23:03:51 - 5 hours ago - Home Assistant Cloud

It doesn’t say it was turned on by me, or by Google, or by any script or automation. It was just “turned on”.

In my days of debugging however, I have ruled out Home Assistant as being the cause. I’ve monitored MQTT Explorer. And I can see that no SET commands were sent over MQTT. The Zigbee2MQTT web interface however keeps showing errors about moveToLevel and similar messages. I’m 99% certain this is an issue with Zigbee2MQTT at this point.

If you can provide the code for the automation that might help a bit. It is also a good idea to look at the trace for the automation to see what happened. You can see that by going to the automations list and then clicking on the three dots on the right. It will let you see which trigger triggered it and what it did.


I appreciate both of your responses chiming in with info to help.

I just finally got around to sitting down last night and resolved the behavioral issue. Turns out that the Philips Hue app was activating motion lights in the evening. I have no idea why this didn’t work before, but disabling the motion sensor in the Hue app worked as of last night. Hopefully this fix continues to work permanently!!

Thanks again for stepping up to help even though it was probably me having a brain fart for weeks on end….

That’s odd – I don’t know how the device could be attached to both your ZigBee hub and the Hue app!