Sometimes entity_id changes after hassio restart

Hi all,
I have PS4 and GPSlogger integrations setted, and the entity_ids sometimes change in <old_entity_id>_2,
for example media_player.playstation_4_2, when I restart hassio.
I change all my auomations, scripts, etc. and sometimes, after another restart, they change again in <old_entity_id>, for example media_player.playstation_4.
It is very frustrating to check and change every time I restart hassio.
Is there a way to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance

No one with this issue?
I removed my PS4 integration then I did the integration again, but now my integration says media_player.palystation_4 is not available and I have media_player.palystation_4_2 in my entities.
Even if integration entity is not available entity _2 works fine, so I have to change everything in my scripts, automations etc.

Any idea?

I am facing the same issue. Sometimes the entity media_player.playstation_4 becomes media_player.playstation_4_2.

The strange thing is that this entity does not exists in the entity registry, so I cant rename it. In the registy only the media_player.playstation_4 exist but is unavailable.

any thoughts about it??

the issue is already fixed and will be merged