Sometimes my Automations have an unwanted delay

I have sometimes automation running with an delay not sure why. So mostly the automation triggers immediately if for example a sensor triggers but sometimes it need several seconds until HA runs the automation. I am not sure how to debug this because this happens very random.

I am running HA in Docker on

Intel® Celeron® CPU J1900 @ 1.99GH
3651MiB System memory

Not sure if that is to low computing power or not enough memory.

I have 247 automation written and running, is that maybe to much for HA?

Hope you have some hints who to solve or debug the problem.

HA is great but i sometimes think the poor thing is trying to do so much. Reason why do all my automations in node-red.
Thats the only thing it has to worry about.
The only reason it doesn’t work is cause im stupid and I got my logic wrong

Just found the HA Benmark command and got this result

Using event loop: asyncio.unix_events
Benchmark async_million_events done in 5.296844992786646s
Benchmark async_million_events done in 5.248200461268425s

is that good or bad?

I would say that the random delay also Is around 5 seconds sometime.

Why don’t you stop guessing and look at the logs? That’s what they’re there for. You can get a wealth of information if you set the logger for homeassistant.core to debug.