Sometimes not possible to scroll the sidebar

after the upgrade to 0.115.0 (or ios14) its sometimes not possible to scroll the sidebar.
I have to wait or restart the app until it starts working again.

What can cause this issue?

Did you ever find a resolution to this issue? Still persists on a regular basis for me.

Sorry, no!
I‘m still having this issue.

I have this as well but it seems to fix itself and work after a few seconds or so. I think it’s loading it that causes the delay. Some of my animated weather icons take a sililar length of time to animate as well.

This sounds like an issue in the frontend, unfortunately. I thought there was an existing issue in the frontend repo but I am not able to find it immediately. Reporting it there would go a long way to being able to get it fixed.

This is still an issue. I have to click a menu item and back out of it before I’m able to scroll

Same for me. Still having this issue for years.

Any news on giving this. It’s so frustrating that it will not work right. If I zoom a little it sometimes works.

I find if I choose any visible menu item then I can scroll. A bit of a faff but at least it is a work around.