Somfi API discontinued? Somfy Connectivity Kit

I was about trying to integrate a Somfy Connection Kit (1870755), but the setup with Somfy failed already. As a side note Somfy support told me that API support has been discontinued and the API will be removed later this year.

Issue came up on Somfy recommendation to use the Tahoma Switch as the Connectivity Kit only supports up/down, but no “intelligent” management. I mentioned HA could manage that (though I’m new to HA), when he told me that there is no longer an API for Somfy Connectivity Kit…?

All I want to do (…) is to integrate a Somfy Sunblind into HA that only works with a remote - example. There is no cabled switch, so Shelly doesn’t work. Any hint, on best practice to achieve that would be appreciated. I used Somfy Connectivity Kit in the subject as I searched before and understood it to be supported. Without or ending API support a warning may be helpful on the integrations page?

I get an unformatted code warning I can’t resolve. Oops.

If you are using Somfy RTS motors then you can use this. It is inexpensive and provides all the management for positions, groups, favorite settings… etc. And it gives you a complete API for managing the motors.

NOTE: If you are using Somfy IO motors this will not work