Somfy garage door not recognize by Homekit integration

I’m a new HA user and I’m using a Tahoma Switch device, from Somfy, to connect my exterior venitian stores and my garage door.
The stores are shown by Homekit but the garage door not.
If I look into Overkiz, I can find it as a io:DiscreteGarageOpenerWithPartialPositionIOComponent.
Any ideas why it doesn’t work ? Maybe it is not part of the garage or gate device class?
Is there any way to add it working with HomeKit ?
Thanks a lot for your help.

Not supported in HomeKit, due to Somfy limitations.

Thanks for the feedback.
I’ll use another way, but homekit is much more responsive than cloud solutions

Which hub do you own? If you have the Somfy TaHoma v2 or TaHoma Switch, you can use the local integration in the near future.

Sorry for the late answer.
I have the TaHoma Switch. It’s great that it will be integrated :slight_smile:
DO I have something specific to do or will it come alone with an update ?

Not sure yet, however you will see this communicated later for sure :).