Somfy Home Alarm

Hi everyone, I bought this burglar alarm for my home
Can anyone tell me if it can be integrated?

hi there.
Been trying the same thing went either by configuration/integrations/somfy with no entities showing and also by YAML and API keys with no luck any help?

hi, from what i understand somfy API is not good, it doesn’t even recognize cameras

Hi there.
Same problem, I didn’t find a way to interact with my Somfy Home Alarm Starter Pack.
I tried playing with their APIs but when using endpoint ‘’/site/{siteid}/device" I can’t get any device back…

Bad news for you:

Hi there,

Any chance this could be ported to Home Assistant?

I know I could add it to homebridge and then to home assistant but I’d rather have a direct integration to home assistant.


I used to use IFFTT before but since it is paid I don’t use it anymore.
How can I use it with homebridge and home assistant?

Install homebridge (plenty of tutorials out there) and add the Somfy protect plugin.
Then add homebridge to home assistant via the integration page. Normally it will be automatically discovered but you can also install it manually.
Done, you now have Somfy Protect integrated to home assistant. But I would rather have everything running directly in HA.

is it okay to install homebridge on windows?


Working on a somfyprotect to mqtt.

Feel free to test :


I try, but i probably missed something. Nothing appear on my mqtt integration. Tks for your help :wink:


How did you setup it. You ran the script directly ? Use the add-on ?
What do you have in the logs ?

Just wanted to say thanks for this, got it installed and can see all my devices (Only intellitags, fobs and siren, I have no cameras)
Will test at the weekend when the rest of the family is away and wont be annoyed by me testing the various functions :slight_smile:

How did you set it up?
I installed the Somfy repository (1st one not Dev) and then saved.
It opened the script with error.
I updated username, password and site name.
I removed the line which was mentioned to delete if code is not used. Then saved without issues.
Then I hit on start, it started without issues.

Then what’s the next step? I don’t see somfy anywhere,

Are you running a version of HA where you can use addons, such as HA OS ou HA supervised ?
If yes the easier way to install/run it is to use this add-on :

Yes that’s exactly what I did. I used Somfy Protect 2 MQTT and when I started, it opened the script. updated script with username and password and removed the line which said “remove the line if code is not used” and I was able to start Somfy Protect 2 MQTT successfully. It’s still running.

What’s the next step? My somfy protect is not discovered and I do not see anything under entities inside developer tools even

Did you set the correct site label ? It must be the same a the name you have setup in the somfy app.

    - Maison

Have you enable the MQTT discovery in the HA intégration of MQTT?

It’s working now. Yes I already had site added but don’t know why when I setup mqtt again it discovered somfy devices.
To my surprise, Alexa also detected many devices on my network. I already have somfy skill added to Alexa but this time after setting up MQTTT it discovered and added fob, intellitag, siren, etc as new devices. Now I can enable disable somfy accessories like fob by asking alexa.

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Hi there!

I am currently using the following add-on to integrate my home alarm :

Everything works fine.
What I would like to do now is to detect when buttons of the somfy badge are pressed (and which one), in order to assign automations to it. I cannot manage to see how to do this (with this add-on or any other). Any idea?



Not possible to get button pressed on remote.
Somfy does not provide the information.

Only solution, is to trigger the action made by this button.

example :

  • if alarm is set to ‘out of home’ power off light
  • if alarm is set to night close shutter
  • if alarm is on panic mode : power on light
  • if alarm is disabled : on the door.

if remote is not used with/for the alarm, maybe it can be paired in bluetooth with an other gateway