Somfy integration without Connexoon/TaHoma?

Hi, newbie here, so please be gentle… I know lots has already been written about Somfy integration, but I can find anything that helps me out.

I’ve just started using HA with a UZB Z-Wave controller. Today I got my new awning, with a Somfy IO motor (ordered before I even thought about HA).
I found the Somfy integration and installed it just as described in the documentation (which didn’t mention the need for a Connexoon or TaHoma). Hopefully restarted HA, but sadly no Somfy devices were discovered. Double checked everything, but everything seems to be fine.

So, do I need a Connexoon/TaHoma after all? They seem a bit expensive just to control the awning. Or do I need to do something to pair the IO motor to HA?

Thanks, Edwin

I use rfxcom to use my somfy cover

Thanks. I had a quick lookaround, RFX controllers aren’t as cheap as Z-Wave models, but cheaper than Somfy controllers. Probably more robust too.
But from what I read, it works with Somfy RTS motors. Does it support IO motors too?

Yes but you can build it for cheap!
In french but you will understand the idea:

But I dunno if it’s support somfy like the rfxcom (after verification, it should)

I think that RFLink will not work with Somfy IO, but I can’t find any reference.

If one opens the spec, he will find that Somfy IO works on frequency 868, while Somfy RTS works on 433,42. Not only the frequency matters, but also the protocol which is (as far as I know at the moment) not yet hacked.

Also linking Implementation of Somfy Connexoon IO.