Somfy Mylink entities not showing up in logbook

I have three Somfy shades and a Somfy Mylink controller. The Somfy Mylink integration works fine, I’m able to operate all three of my cover entities in home assistant.

But none of these events (open, close, stop) are showing up in the logbook. I have a Lutron shade and its events show up fine in the logbook, but these Somfy cover entities do not.

Is writing the logbook entry a function of the Somfy Mylink integration that is missing/broken? Or is this something I need to configure separately?

looking at the docs it don’t seem like somfy will fire events. But you could do that using an automation. What do you need the events for?

Normally we keep all our somfy covers closed over night. I woke up this morning and one of them was open, so I wanted to know when/who accidentally opened them (or maybe Home Assistant didn’t open it and it was something else). Without that logbook entry, I’m in the dark on that.

If you haven’t disabled the entity in the recorder you could also see it in the history tab