Somfy rts shutter sensor status

I use somfy rts for the shutters and have the problem that this rts motor gives no feedback, so you give the command to open the rollers but do not get back whether it was successful.

In HA you see “unknown” as status. if I call the shutter via HA, I can keep track of the status, but unfortunately not via the remote control of the shutters. In HA you then will not see any changes in the sensor and/or attributes.

Does anyone have a solution/workaround for this? Thanks

You are correct the RTS protocol is only one way but this project will keep track of the position no matter how you move the shade.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve seen the page but looks quite difficult with the hardware

Its actually pretty easy. You buy two pieces of hardware and connect them with Dupont connectors.

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Hm I will give it a try. Thanks again