Somfy shutter control using RFXCOM integration


I am not sure of the method to control Somfy shutters with Home Assistant through RFXCOM integration using a RFXCOM transceiver.

My configuration is:

  • Synology NAS
  • DSM 7.0.1-42218
  • Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2.5.5-11487
  • Home Assistant 2021.12.2
  • RFXCOM RFXtrx integration (/integrations/rfxtrx/)

I customized my RFXtrx433XL interface using the RFXmngr application on my PC with ID “1 01 06” and unit code 1.
The RFY event code is 0c1a000001010601 (see screenshot below).

I can open or close my shutter with this RFXmngr application using the “Up” and “Down” commands.

Then I install the “RFXCOM RFXtrx” Home Assistant integration and customize as follow:

  • Connection: serial
  • Device: /dev/ttyUSB0 - RFXtrx433XL
  • Event code: I made two trials (see below)
  1. 0c1a000001010601: I got a surprising error “Invalid event code”

  2. 071a000001010601: 3 entites were created

When I close or open the shutter, the event code mentioned in the “home-assistant.log” file does not correspond to one of the event codes mentioned above and the shutter does not respond to commands.

  • open: 081a00000101060101
  • close: 081a00000101060103

I don’t know what is wrong with my configuration. Is there a bug?

I admit being a little lost because the event code does not correspond to 0c1a00000101060101 or 0c1a00000101060103 and I think this is why it does not work.

I would be very grateful if someone could help me.

Following you will find extracts from the log file:

The difference of 0c vs 08 is the length of the command that follow. It seems there was a bug with this command type. It might be that rfx changed this command at some point in the history adding more bytes.

I’ve opened up a pull request to fix this upstream: Switch to full length rfy commands by elupus · Pull Request #141 · Danielhiversen/pyRFXtrx · GitHub