Somfy solar sensor not available since somfy api?

Hi Everyone,

Since i have switch from thaoma unofficial api to somfy official api, i can’t see anymore my somfy solar sensor.

Do you know if there is something to do ?


Hi Vincent,

Did you find a solution ? I plan to buy a somfy solar but if it doesn’t work with HA…

for the moment, it seems that somfy solar are not exposed in the somfy apy, so doesn’t work with HA.

if you need to buy a somfy solar for use it with other somfy equipment you can always make automations in the somfy tahoma box, and use HA for quickly acces to button for rolling up and down your cover for exemple (it’s what i actually have).

if you need to buy a solar sensor, just to have a solar sensor for making automations but not specialy with other somfy devices, then maybe buy a cheeper sensor than the somfy.

Thank you for your answer and your advices but cheaper solar sensors are not very reliable apparently, they are not intended for outdoor use and somfy sensor goes up to 100K lx.
So I will wait :slight_smile: