Somfy thermostat - Feature request?

Hi and I’m happy to report the thermostat works perfectly and without issues for the last month due to @tetienne 's efforts !
I’d like to suggest to implement a mechanism to set the duration of the selected mode. The issue is that when setting the mode after 12 hours or so it reverts to auto. If you have not the somfy app there are issues setting and keeping the preferred mode.

Hi @grego1981 and @tetienne.
I also have a Somfy Smart Thermostat and I would like to make it work with my Home Assistant.
Can you please direct me to a guide or help me out??
I really need your help on this one…

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Hi @S1ou, I’ve been using the HACS plugin form this repository which @tetienne suggested me. Although it is not hte official one, it works perfectly for me (minus the duration of the command which this post is all about.) The first step is to enable a somfy developer account and use this addon. Although @tetienne is the absolute expert on this addon!
Good Luck!

@grego1981 Thank you very much for sharing this custom repository! I am installing it now and I will get back to you shortly. Wish me luck!

@grego1981 Unfortunately, although I have installed the repository into my HACS and restarted the HASS I can’t find something relevant either inside the “Integrations” or the “Blueprints”. There is a custom component named “somfy” inside the custom components folder but that’s it. Do you or @tetienne know of any guide that can help me? I have found this guide, but I don’t know if it is the right one Please note that I have the default Somfy integration already installed and active inside my Home Assistant. I don’t know if that makes any difference, but we all know that it does not work… I already have a developer somfy account.

@S1ou @grego1981 The Somfy Thermostat is now part of the official Somfy Integration. The custom component linked here must not be used anymore. Use the official one instead.

@tetienne @grego1981 Ok, tetienne. Thank you.
The problem with the official Somfy Integration is that it just shows the values in my HA overview dashboard but I cannot send any orders to the thermostat via Home Assistant. That was the reason why I tried to find a workaround.

Hi all,

From what I understand, the Somfy integration now goes through Overkiz. This apparently should work find for Tahoma-connected devices. However, I have the Somfy Connected thermostat, which was integrated fine (in read-only mode) using the Somfy integration.
Now that there is no more Somfy integration (besides the one going through Overkiz), I have no easy way to integrate my device into HA anymore.

Any advice on the best way to solve or circumvent this issue?

Many thanks for all your great work in this community.


@kvanhoey how is the Somfy Connected thermostat linked to the internet? Don’t you have an extra hub that connects to the internet?

Which application do you currently use to control your device? You could create an issue here perhaps to ask if they can support it, since they sunset the old API.

The thermostat comes with its own somfy gateway which is not covered by the overkiz integration. The gateway is not Tahoma compatible.

Hi and thanks for the reply @imick .

As @grego1981 said, it comes with its own gateway, not covered by overkiz. And a dedicated app (named “Somfy connected thermostat”).

I can file a feature request, but it’s actually off-topic since it has nothing to do with Tahoma, strictly speaking. I’ll try that …

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Hello. Anyone here aware of any novelties regarding this issue ?
Many thanks!


I would also be very interested in getting these somfy thermostats running with HA :slight_smile:

Any news on this one?

@CaptMauser what device do you have? If you have Cozytouch devices not supported by Overkiz integration, you might look at gduteil/cozytouch: Atlantic Cozytouch integration for Home Assistant (