Somfy window shutter control and sensor node

Hi all, thought you might be interested in my window shutter control using an ESP8266 via MQTT from Home Assistant:


I thought it would be nice to add sensors as I would have the ESP8266 running anyways with plenty of GPIO to use :slight_smile:

So I found the excellent Bruh multisensor project and added that to the code controlling the Somfy shutters.
This makes it possible to monitor temperature, humidity, light level and motion.

For more info see:

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Great to see DIY alive and well.

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Hi Sanderh,

Thank you for your post.

I forked and refactored marmotton code to be directly loadable in the Arduino IDE and added a status led including a PCB design, I have not included any sensor support on the PCB maybe later.

You can find the code and design here: