Somfy wired motor on Esphome


I would like to buy wired somfy motors with wired wall switches. All wired directly to a esp32.

  1. Is there a yaml for esphome to integrate them? Comparable to the rts integration from rtshouse?
  2. Will there be a feedback of inclination and hight? If so, is that done with time counting?
  3. Do you have a proposal for a somfy motor? I guess any 4 wire motor would be ok?

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It sound like you would need a relay to act as the wall switch. There are prebuilt relays like sonoff or shelly that would be able to control the motor.

Relays to command the motor will be in my main cabinet.

Does it exist a Esphome integration to control inclination and hight kind of this one? :

ESPSomfy RTS also controls motors with relays connected to GPIO.

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