SOMToday integration HA


I’ve been trying to do it myself but found out this is above my techlevel :sweat_smile:

Two of my kids are going to a school that is making use of the ‘SomToday’ program for there classschedule, grades and homework. I would like to integrate this in my home assistant able to see there schedule and homework, maybe other stuff later on.

I found a Github explaining the API of SomToday (GitHub - elisaado/somtoday-api-docs: Documentation for the SOMtoday API) and was trying to use this with the REST integration in HomeAssistant. And thats about the limit of my knowledge. Is there anyone here who made this work or knows how to make it work and is willing to walk me through this? Would be awesome!

Thanks, Seyude

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Hi, I’ve been trying to create an intergration for somtoday as well. This is currently difficult because most schools use oAuth to login, which means that you either have to develop an application for your smartphone that pretends to be the somtoday leerling app, or you’d have to create a http proxy and decode each request. However I found that somtoday lets you access it’s schedule via an iCalendar link, which was enough for my needs. You can find it by logging into somtoday, going to the profile page and scrolling down.

Ow great! That is enough for now indeed. Thanks for the tip.