Sonarr Integration

The built in HA integration for Sonarr is very limited in function.

if I want to know that there are 3 shows for today that’s great… but I want to show a nice card view

if I was to set the integration to 7 days it just lists all shows for those 7 days and nothing about which day etc

it would be nice to know more info about each show

I would like to see a returned object containing items like

  • airDateUtc
  • title
  • hasFile ( know if I have the file or not)
  • series.images

this type of data would be useful to be able to create a card to display useful information

Maybe the upcoming media card might work for you, combined with the Sonarr custom component

I have seen those… but wanted to use the built in

Now with the Local Calendar Integration It would be great to add the sonar calendar directly into the local calendar.
Seems to queryable in Sonarr API


Agree, the Radarr integration has a calendar, sonarr should have one too


Is the Sonarr integration still being maintained?
If so, it would be great if episodes would show on the calendar… similat ro Radarr.