Sonarr Upcoming Media Component - Unsed YAML error

I’ve been using the Sonarr Upcoming Media Component for a while and it all seemed to work fine. But after a recent update I’m now getting the following error in HA:

It’s not possible to configure sonarr_upcoming_media sensor by adding platform: sonarr_upcoming_media to the sensor configuration. Please check the documentation for more information on how to set up this integration.

I’ve checked the github for the component but it doesn’t seem to say anything about this. I also tried reinstalling and it seems there may be an option now to configure this via settings > add integration. But no matter what I put in the settings dialog (even when its the exact same setting that were in my sensor config) it doesn’t seem to accept them.

Anyone else experiencing this or have any ideas on how to resolve?

Yeah I too have the same error message

You can setup Sonarr (using the Sonarr integration) from the UI. Then, use the sensor.sonarr_upcoming sensor to see upcoming media.

Yeah - I think when I originally set this up you had to manually add it as a sensor. I’m guessing its changed since then (although the instructions in github aren’t clear).

I finally figured that out and deleted the sensor I’d added manually and it works without the error now, although the final sensor name seems different.

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Yeah, the official integration uses a different name for the sensor. It was easy enough to change using find/replace in my case.

Whilst your method does work for me, its not compatible with the “upcoming media card” which is what I wanted it for.

I’ve never used that card, however, you could either reach out to the maintainer of the card to see what they could support or create a template sensor that mimics what the original sensor did.