Sone Addon icons show as jigsaw pieces

Anybody knows what’s causing this. All of a sudden some of the installed Addon’s icons show as jigsaw pieces instead of their real icons…

There are lazy developers out there like me, they do not pick or assign any icons :slight_smile:

No that’s not it, they had icons the day before yesterday.

Actually, you are right, I see all the icons in my setup except the Eufy Add-On which I develop in a lazy way :slight_smile:

In the addon store tab the icons show up fine. In the Dashboard I see the jigsaw pieces.

Oh wait. I see what the issue is I think. I’m missing the community Addons all of a sudden :frowning:

I added them manually again. All is fine again. Still, this should not be removed out of the blue. Guess that’s some (update) bug then?