Sonoff 15A for a Dust Extractor at 16A: Possible?

Hi All – I saw the Sonoff POW module which supports up to 15A. However, my dust extractor requires 16A. Will it work with Sonoff even for a short period of time? Will surge protection kick off? Thoughts? Thanks!

I would say no. I think that the 15A rating probably doesn’t have much margin, and some might call optimistic.

I think the scenario to worry about is some software fault where the load get left turned on indefinitely in error and now you have to ponder how long the device is to survive the overload condition. Bad outcomes here could be that the relay contacts weld together and you can’t switch off the load; or the traces on the PCB eventually overheat and you let the smoke out.

Thanks for the response. Are there any alternatives that could support 16-20A?

I wouldn’t use something out of the specs. I would have the sonoff just control a contactor that can handle the load, for instance:,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

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Does the dust extractor have start and stop buttons? You could wire the relays into them?

You could use the Sonoff to drive a contactor/relay. An electrician would normally do this for you. E.g. sonoff on/off is only driving the input relay not the load. 20A relay takes the 16A load from the vacuum.

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