Sonoff 4CH + Aqara as Underfloor Heating Control System

Hello Everyone :wink:I need your advice.

I just started my first ever project with Home Assistant. I would like to create underfloor heating control system. I bought 4 pcs Sonoff 4ch pro relay board (3pcs for circuits and 1 for gas boiler and pumps), aqara temp and hmd sensors (12pcs) and Thermal Electric Actuator Valves from Salus(17pcs).

I would like to control 12 zones with 17 water circuit, gas boiler (heating on/off), circulation pump and warm water utility pump.

I am new in HA environment. I managed to configure and add it to home assistant my aqara temp sensors and all of the sonoff 4ch relays. And now I’m stuck. I would like to use Better Thermostat or Smart PID Thermostat integration for my project. But I can’t find information how can I make a thermostat entities from Sonoff 4ch relay board. Also I have few questions.

  1. Is it possible to set such a automation in Home Assistant that the circulation pump and heating turns off if all valves are closed? (4CH Pro has the option of a potential-free relay so I can connect it to gas boiler and pump).

  2. Which integration fit best Better Thermostat or Smart PID

From my research Smart PID Thermostat can learn how far in advance close the valve to not overheat the room. I think it should be efficient if so.

Thank you for all your help and advice in advance.

I am so happy become new HA family member !:grin:

Hey @hagy ,

any news on this? I am planning sth. similar, but with a central panel (sonoff NSPanel) to centrally regulate the heating. I have a couple of doubts regarding reliability (what happens if wifi connection is lost?) etc.

Do you have a central thermostat or is everything done from your smartphone?


I am happy to contribute for once here!!
I have a sonoff 4ch PRO setup in my boiler room to control my heating in 3 zones as well as switch between Wood and Propane.
To simplify it and provide some redundancy, I have normal thermostats in each of the 3 zones that have hydronic floor heating. All three zones have very different heat loads on them and is the reason I wanted to implement the PID Smart Thermostat.
To do this, I use these BT thermometers Govee 5075 and Xaiomi Thermometer.
The 4 ch pro works in parallel with each normal thermostat that are set at a lower than normal temp setting. This ensures if there is no wifi, it will fall back on the mechanical thermostats. Same is true if the wood boiler is below 155 for more that 10 minutes, it will open the 4th channel on the relay to the NC position so the wood boiler is off and this "makes the TT wire on the propane boiler.

I have yet to, and plan in the warmer months to automate this with another 4ch pro; if boiler is below 155f for 10 minutes, stop forced draft, continue the circ pump until water temp is below 130, then stop circ and fire propane.
The wood boiler is a wood gasification boiler that will put the fire out if there is no call for heat for 6 hours or more.
The idea of automating this is for weekend, laundry day and/or chilly nights where I can load the firebox and forget it. Then the next time, I can just drop a match in it and a couple sticks and rinse repeat.

I am still tuning the PID and not satisfied with it yet but I am still learning.
My confusion is how to change and debug the each Smart Thermostat.

Anyway, I hope it helped someone…