Sonoff 4Ch PRO for garage doors - sensors?

My current garage door setup uses an ESP8266 with a couple of 2 channel relay boards. It is a bit messy and flaky, so I quite like the idea of moving everything to a single 4Ch pro.

I have 2 doors - they require separate pulses for up and down, so the 4 channel relay will be fine. I would also like to integrate into a cover - I currently do this with the 8288 using some simple reed switches connected to 2 spare GPIOs.

I am trying to figure out if there are any spare sensor pins on the 4Ch Pro to allow 2 reed switches to monitor door status? I would like to use ESPHome if possible (all my other Sonoff devices use this). I have read that Rx and Tx are available if logging is disabled, but there is also a suggestion that if Tx is high on boot then the 4ch pro fails to boot? This would mean that if the door was close on booting, it would never boot.

Anyone done anything similar? Does it work?

Couldn’t you re-purpose any of the other gpios?
Like solder on 0 or 9? You would lose the button functionality but i guess you can live without it?

I had considered repurposing a couple of the buttons. I guess that is a last resort - I was just wondering if anyone had managed to use Rx/Tx successfully as they are already free…

Did you manage to achieve this? I am looking to do the same with my Sonoff 4Ch Pro R2…

No - I never got round to it. I am still running an ESP8266 with relays. I realized that my issue was with the actual garage door controller rather than my integration.