Sonoff basic for dumb switch

This video is talking about make existing dumb switch smart by adding sonoff basic.

At 1:55, it is soldering the switch to the two pins in sonoff. Looks risk to me since the two pins are so close. Did anyone have better and safer way?

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Best way is to solder a header pins in the 5 holes and use dupont cables.

Beware : the video is a sonoff basic V1, I don’t know where they still sell them. The V2 and V3 don’t have GPIO14 in that location !

You could use a sonoff mini instead of a basic. As francisp said, an alternative is to solder header pins and go for dupont cables. Keep in mind that the risk for these two cables is low, as they won’t be carrying high voltage. There is a much more significant risk using your sonoff without its enclosure.

You are right. That’s for R1. That GPIO 14 is gone in R2 and R3 :frowning:
Do you know if there is an easy modification for R2 and R3?

I’ll check sonoff mini, not sure if it can fit into normal US switch box.