Sonoff Basic R3 and Easy Flashing for DIY Mode to Tasmota or ESPHome

I wrote my own code that detects Sonoff in DIY mode, unlocks, and flashes - that’s it…

I’ve purchased 20 Sonoff Basic R3 to control my downlights, but I ran into problem after problem, when DIY mode was supposed to make things easier!

The issues are: (All are my opinion)

  • The software to flash from Itead in DIY mode is garbage
  • The software does not lend itself to working well on Linux systems
  • The documentation is sparse and needs to cater better for the intended audience
  • The flashing instructions are poorly explained (process-wise)

_ I am trying to fix this here._


Code source on Gitlab

As can be seen in the video, the steps to flash a couple of Sonoff takes seconds and no mucking around.

Please head to the repo to view the README file, but I am happy to answer question about the code and usage here.
I am also happy to answer questions and experience with the DIY mode.

In my case, I flashed Tasmota and used auto discovery via MQTT to add the devices.