Sonoff Basic R3 - Integration


I’m a complete newbie - I installed Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ yesterday and have added all the existing integrations it could find on my local network.

I’m now trying my first “project” - adding a Sonoff Basic R3 to Home Automation.

I’ve been searching and reading what others have done - which seem to be to load alternative firmware (Tasmota, ESPHome, Zigbee)?

I got the R3 as it has a DIY mode which should be accessible through a REST API.

Is there an integration that connects the R3 to Home Automation using this API without having to flash alternative firmware?

Hi welcome to the community. We have a custom component which does what you wanted. Just check this link

Since this is a custom component you will either have to install HACS or manually copy the components to the config folder. you can also see the videos mentioned in the docs. It has bee explained in the docs of this component but if you need any help, let us know.

That’s great!

Installed HACS, Samba and SonoffLAN - now able to control the Sonoff switch through Home Assistant and through the eWeLink app.