Sonoff basic Tasmota PIR two separate devices in HA

Hey i need your help. My HA is not updating or recognizing the state of my PIR. The son off console is showing that the states are working as expected. But HA don’t get the states.
Thanks for your help.

@nik1 Use mosquitto_sub -v -t "#" from the command line on you HA device. It will show you what the Sonoff is sending. Make sure what the Sonoff is sending is EXACTLY the same as what is in your config. Everything must match.

In the first one you have the name in “” - is that correct? The second one doesn’t…

In your switch shouldn’t it be “cmnd/PIP/POWER1”

Why are you using the cmnd topic in your sensor? Shouldn’t it be stat/PIPLED/POWER

problem solved
thank you guys