Sonoff Bridge with Sonoff switches

Hi all,
I’ve got home assistant configured so far with my Broadlink bridge and light switches and all is good.

I’ve now ordered some Sonoff switches and a Sonoff bridge…

I intend to flash the sonoff bridge with the ESPurna firmware, but have one question before I do this.

Once flashed with the ESPurna firmware, I understand I can connect it to HomeAssistant using the built-in MSQTT server, but will I need to also flash all of the individual Sonoff switches as well, or will they continue to talk directly to the modified Sonoff bridge?
If I have to flash the firmware onto each device, whats the point of the bridge?

many thanks


Think you may have misunderstood what the bridge is for…or I have!

You certainly don’t need it to use normal WiFi Sonoff kit.

All the sonoff switches are standard WiFi, to use them you don’t need the bridge (unlike for example the Philips Hue or the Ikea Tradfri lights). Out of the box they work with their app, if you flash them with a custom firmware (I used Tasmota) they work via MQTT with HomeAssistant. You have to flash all of them, but once you setup the software for the first, the following are really quick)

The Sonoff bridge adds other functionalities: you can receive commands from RF remotes to HA and you can control 433MHz light switches like you are already doing with the Broadlink. It is useful, but not needed to interface the Sonoff switches with HA.

You can get RF sonoff switches too.

You’re right, but it would be a waste of money (they cost more than WiFi only) and you lose the status feedback. I can see no reason to do that, unless the 433 radio has a greater range than WiFi, but even in that scenario I’ll go with a WiFi extender instead.

I was wondering if the sonoff still can be controlled with native app after flashing with Tasmoto or Sonota firmware?

Many thanks for all the replies, in summary, it seems I wont need the Sonoff Bridge as I already have a Broadlink bridge for IR etc.
As for flashing the firmware, Im waiting for my usb-serial device to arrive, once it’s here I’ll be sure to use the Tasmota firmware as you say you have that working with HA.

Thanks again all.

I have used this OTA method to flash my stock sonoff to Tasmota firmware.


Yep, hence what I said :slight_smile:

Nope, one or the other.

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Hey Mories,

thank you ever so much for that link, I’ve now flashed my switches with Tasmota using the OTA method - perfect!

I’ve not had to unpack my USB<–>Serial adapter !

So thanks again!

Once last question, I have a Sonoff PIR coming soon, is there firmware available to allow that to talk to home assistant as well?

thanks again for this invaluable help!