Sonoff D1 Dimmer Anyone?

Hi All – I received 5 Sonoff D1 Wifi dimmers through the post, however I find it impossible to: i. make eWeLink app to see any of them –despite following the manual and on-screen directions to the letter, ii. flicked the switch to OTA, but still serial port is closed, iii. checked if there is a WiFi hotspot from the device for me to connect.

So far – ALL unsuccessful. Any idea what’s going on?


Re: the pairing process with eWeLink, the issue was that my phone joined the WiFi network at 5G whereas the Dimmer only supports 2.4G. Once I deactivated the 5G radio on my UniFi, the pairing was flawless.

I had success using compatible pairing mode, but i did have issues at first.
i had to open up the d1 dimmer and watch the led light whilst turning it on and off after a second for five times to reset the d1 dimmer. Once the led stayed solid i used compatible pairing mode on Ewelink App (android).
I have not had any luck getting the D1 imported in to Home Assistant via the unofficial add on i get an error saying the following…

Thanks for the reply, @Sam_Bonsing. Could you share the link to the unofficial add-on to Home Assistant? I’d like to give it a try myself…


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I can confirm by adding the following custom component the sonoff D1 dimmer is working in home assistant.

It works great! Thanks for bringing this to my attention –no idea it was available.

Can’t get it to work. Have 3 Sonoff relays in DIY mode, these are ok, and two old relays in Local mode. But D1 refusing to work. Can’t even enter ewelink credentials - “sign verification failed” every time i try. They are correct, though - i can log in into ewelink app on tabllet. AlexxIT component at last version, 3.0.5.