Sonoff D1 Dimmer released

Sonoff released a dimmer, finally. Does anyone knows if we could use this one within home assistant. I could not find if Tasmota is working or not.

Very nice. It was only a matter of time they released a dimmer.

Not sure how you would get it in any backbox!!

Anyone knows it’s is one esp8266 inside?

I have 5 of them, which I am not able to either pair with the eWeLink App OR put them into Pairing mode… I even used my mobile phone to find for wifi hotspot, but I couldn’t… Any help from anybody on here?

I don’t know :frowning: I need to know some details about it because I’m thinking to buy one. I have one relay before where I want to put this dimmer, but I need to know if when I remove the power and power it up again the previous brightness level is restored.

I just got 2 of them yesterday and yes they have esp8285 which is great news. I was messing with it last night and trying to get it to go into DIY mode because it has a switch that says OTA but I had no luck getting that working. It shouldn’t be too hard though to get espHome working on it because the header pins are clearly marked so flashing should be straightforward. I will try tonight. There are 2 boards in the case, one for low voltage and the other for mains power. They are connected with a small header.


I’ve posted some more info here: Do we have a New SONOFF (Dimmer)

Tasmota now runs on the D1. Check out the development branch.

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So, I’m new to this community. Thanks for any help so far!
Tasmota on the development branch is indeed working fine on the Sonoff D1, so is the dimming functionality.

I just have the problem that the dimmer turns on / off / dims by itself without commands from HASS. When I check the log of Tasmota on the D1 I do see that a command has been set. Does anyone know more about this?

There are discussions about this on both the Tasmota issue page and on iTeads forums.

I have the same problem.
Do you fix this?

how do you think, it’s worth buying this dimmer? I plan to use only from HA+esphome

I have the D1 dimmer sonoff and I have an idea that would use a rotary encoder hard wired to the gpio pins on the unit and completely remove the troublesome rf control.

This would make the unit quite useful to me.

Espeasy already has rotary encoder control

But no support for the sonoff D1

Tasmota already has Sonoff D1 support

But no support for rotary enocders…

While I can hack a yaml together and I’ve manipulated a bit of basic python to my needs I think the task of porting the over one way or the other might be beyond me.

Has anyone got any pointers?

Esphome has support for the d1 using a template. Google the feature request thread where a couple of us figured it out. I have it working on one with the buttons for the remote remapped to ha switches. I also have a wemos d1 with rotary encoder working to directly dim a led strip using a mosfet with esphome. So I think this is very possible.

Thanks for the reply. Really appreciate the support here.

I did some more digging and found that there is support for rotary encoders in tasmota

So I’ll see if I can puzzle it out and have a stab at it.

I need to start having a play with the espeasy and esphome as well, as I think I’m missing out. I generally bought sonoff devices and they’ve been pretty good and cheap once flashed over to tasmota. I really dislike the idea of any of my smart home devices relying on someone else’s server.