Sonoff D1 Question

Hi Guys,

Finally have HA setup and working now with a new Sonoff devices.

Next project I want to look at is the lights in my lounge. Currently they are on a dimmer so I wanted to put a Sonoff D1 in place but I want to still have a physical button.

Does any one know if it’s possible to use the Sonoff TX range (SONOFF TX Series - T0 T1 T2 T3 1-3 gang US/UK/EU WiFi Wall Switches) to trigger the dimmer?

Currently I have a shuttle in so it’s a single press button, quick press turns the lights on and off, long hold controls the dimming.

Is it possible to replicate this behaviour in HA?

I suppose you could using an automation.
But the D1 comes with a remote dimmer thing.

In my opinion there is no need for something “that fancy” if you just want a dimmer to a dimmer…
Get something simpler is my opinion.


IKEA zigbee remotes.
All you really need is something that does one thing on one button press and something else on the other button press, brand name doesn’t matter.
That is the beauty with HA.


The sonoff-d1 is a hardware dimmer that dims dumb bulbs. Your ikea dimmers are software dimmers that only work with smart bulbs.

I know.
But the question is to pair a D1 with another hardware dimmer on the wall (if I understand the question correctly).

That is why I’m saying there is no need to have a dimmer both in the wall and in the ceiling (or wherever the D1 is mounted)

This is what I am shooting for - find a smart dimmer to make my dumb bulbs work. Question is what is the best product out there to achieve that?