Sonoff devices are not being detected by home assistant/nodered since 26/07/2023

Sonoff devices are not being detected by home assistant/node-red since 26/07/2023 and since an update or two even rolling this back is still causing issues.

Does anyone know of the issue and have any solutions? iv searched a fair amount on Google with no much reply about this.

i have tried upgrading/downgrading/ reinstalling and checking all firmware.

the closest thing to doing is scrapping HA and redoing the whole thing and seeing if that works. but this has been working fine for over two years!?!?

I guess you are using SonoffLan ? Sonoff changed their encryption keys some days ago. Wait till a new version of the component is released.

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its on automatic so I’m assuming will be running lan mostly as it’s a home network. been trying to work it out for days and seems like there is nothing I can do.

Thanks for the heads-up about the encryption change.

I got the SonoffLAN updated a couple of days ago. So check the integration.

the system was installed via integration and hacs, which was reinstalled yesterday. seems like it’s not working on auto which I left it on for default settings and has worked for ages.

any specific places to check if yours is still working?

added note, the devices are detected yet they are unavailable and giving no readings.

I did have to restart the integration, which did nothing, only a full reboot of the unit got it all running.

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i think i got it working. i normally use the DIY way to auth my devices as its worked in the past but failed this time

Make sure you use the password and username and this will resolve the issue.