Sonoff Devices


I have a router Asus AX86U and sometimes my Sonoff devices go offline for a couple of minutes or hours and then they come back online again.

Anyone have the same problem?

Sounds like a wireless issue, Do you only have the 1 AP?

I have one router and one AP

Have you checked the RSSI on each Sonoff device and also on each AP. This is the signal balance between TX and RX signals. I actually had to add APs to my place to get a good balance. Construction of the building is the major cause of issues in this case. I no longer have drop outs. Just cloud issues (issues with the carriers and the long haul back bones).

My home is very small. The distance from the router from each sonoff devie is very short.

although it may be short, it could still be an issue due to interferance. i have a part of the house where i have 3 routers about 30 feet from each other due to interference issues. it might or might not be your issue, but i agree w/ @lordwizzard , that’s the first place to start.

I agree that wi-fi is a very likely cause. Wi-fi is not magic which just always works … no matter how much the sales droids would like you to believe. There are quite a few factors which can affect wi-fi, and few of them are obvious.

I got tired of repeating the same advice so please have a read of Random rantings from the pen of Don Burch: Do your IoT devices randomly drop of the Wi-fi network ?