Sonoff Dual R3 in Home Assistant

Just got my Sonoff Dual R3 but I‘d like to somehow integrate it into Home Assistant without the eWeLink Cloud.
My other sonoff switches use ESPHome but I am unsure if it‘s a good Idea to just flash it too. I wanna use the integrated power meter feature too, has anyone gotten this to work? Maybe Tasmota instead?
The Switch itself is esp32 based and should be flashable using easily accessible pins.

There is a tasmota template.

There is also the Sonoff LAN integration available through HACS for eWeLink devices. It allows connection of the Sonoff WiFi devices without (or with) the cloud.

Unfortunately the integration doesn’t support the power-measure function of the R3.

Tasmota does: Sonoff Dual R3 Power Monitoring Switch Module (DUALR3) Configuration for Tasmota

Hi, I’m using Sonoff Dual R3 in Home Assistant(2023-09). I have flashed the device with Tasmota and it works so far fine. All Entities are reported by MQTT.
If I look up all entities in HA Home Assistent, there is no Temperature reported.
Does anyone know, how to get the Temperature, which is reported byTasmota beside the Voltage, Power, Current etc on the Web Screen also in HA.

Ask the tasmota people?

Post the mqtt discovery topic?