Sonoff DW2 WiFi not showing in Home Assistant

I’m usung a Sonoff DW2 wifi. It connect easily to the ewelink App.

I can’t see the DW2 in “Entities” in Home Assistant (HA).

  • It’s connected to ewelink
  • Other Sonoff device import automatically in HA via HACS
  • I can also see it in the config file “.sonoff.json”

I still can’t see it in HA. Does anyone have experience with this or advice of a solution.

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I just added 5 new DW2’s and can not see them in the entities as well. Looking at the .sonoff.json file I can see them in there. AlexxIT’s site shows he only supports them via Ewelink cloud. Busy looking for solutions.


Hi Wynand
I gave up. Used a D1 Mini with Magnetic Alarm Switches. I had power near by, so I used an old Cellphone psu. Just could not get mine to work.

I know thgis is an older thread, but im also not able to find my DW2 door sensor too.

I have 2 SONOFF wifi items,
a 4 ch pro that I have access and control over in HA,
If I go through the HA Ewelink add on, I can see that the DW2 is there, but Im not able to access it or find it as a sensor in HA for my dash.

If anyone can advise, please do:

I have 2 Sonoff DW2 sensors. Both working in ewelink. I have ewelink integration in HA. All devices showing and working in webUI. EXCEPT - ONE (yes one) of the two sensors. One DW2 works perfectly fine, the other says “not supported”.

Any magic words I should be speaking or chants I should be casting?

I’ve got the same issue, and noticed that the model number of the “not supported” one has an “l” at the end if you view the model from the ewlink app.
“dw2-wi-fi-l”, the working one has a model number “dw2-Wi-Fi”.

On the box in which the “not supported” one came in, the the model is stated as dw2-Wi-Fi.

I have noticed sometimes when you add a new sonoff device you need to delete the integration and re-add all your devices. I only have 1 DW2 and it ends with the -L

In the meantime, I did get a third sensor. Now, in ewelink, ONE of them works, but the other two keep losing connection (randomly) and connecting again (randomly). All three have the “L” at the end :man_shrugging: :man_facepalming:

HAOS issue not resolved yet, but, then again, HAOS presently inaccessible. Linux had some problem that I can’t seem to solve, along with VBox having some issue that I cannot solve, so…no HA for about 6 months now. Just using Google Assistant in the meantime.