Sonoff EFR32MG21 flash as Router (and integration in SkyConnect ZigBee)?


after my SkyConnect arrived, I integrated it directly (ZigBee). So far everything works without problems…

Unfortunately, the ZigBee reception in our house is very poor. This is also my question:

I still have a Sonoff EFR32G21 dongle (same chip as in SkyConnect). Can I flash this with a router firmware and add under ZHA as a router to the SkyConnect - ZigBee network?

If so, are there instructions (incl. router firmware link) how I can “easily” reflash the Sonoff?

Thanks in advance

That is normally due to Zigbee technology by design, see this other thread for recommended actions you should follow (summary; avoid interference and add many mains-powered Zigbee products that act as Zigbee Router devices, also know as signal repeater functionality, which extend the overall range + coverage by builibg out the Zigbee network using mesh networking) →

Yes you can (and it is great as a Zigbee Router device), for links to many separate guides from different people see → ITead’s “Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus V2” (model "ZBDongle-E") based on Silicon Labs EFR32MG21 +20dBm radio SoC/MCU

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Works fine :slight_smile: