Sonoff entities without a unique ID

I have a Sonoff TH16 temperature and humidity switch I named “Crawl Space”. HA shows no devices named “Crawl Space”, and the four entities in the screenshot. The first one has a unique id, but the other three do not. Are these entities created by the eWeLink integration? The TH16 appears on the eWeLink tab and shows the temp in F and humidity. But when I use the temperature in a Lovelace card, I can’t change the temperature display to Fahrenheit because it doesn’t have a unique id. How can I fix this?

Do you have the Alexx/IT Sonoff LAN under HACS added? Because that is how it appears if it is. If it was eWeLink all of the addition items should have “.sonoff.” in the name of the entity. So I would say that it did not pull all the info. Did you add the need info into the custom_configuration folder (account login info)? Do you have all the complete network info setup, (Hard code by using static ip). along with the country info for the site and user setup?

Thank you for getting me on the right track!

I had an old version of AlexxIT’s Sonoff Lan installed. I deleted the directory “/config/custom_components/sonoff” and replaced it with the 3.3.1 version from the Github repository. Then I restarted Home Assistant, and bingo, I had new “xxxx.sonoff” entities that work as expected.