Sonoff (Espressif / Belkin ?)

I have several tasmota flashed sonoffs and one in particular has been giving me problems. Today I noticed that it identifies itself (in Fing) as a Belkin socket whereas all my others identify as a espressif.

Can anyone else tell me how your sonoffs identify themselves and do you think that because it thinks it is a Belkin it might have something to do with the problems it has been giving me i.e it might be dodgy?

At a guess you’ve turned on WeMo emulation in the ‘Config Other’ menu.

That sounded plausible (I hadn’t even realised that option existed and so had never changed it, but it still seemed like a likely answer).

However I had already swapped it out for a different Sonoff and re-flashed the offending one so couldn’t check it’s configuration then but after re-flashing it is still showing as a Belkin but the option is definitely not set to Belkin.
Interestingly Fing doesn’t show the MAC address either for this one in it’s place is the word ‘socket’

Very strange…