Sonoff GK-200MP2-B IP Camera

What about this then? Any indication whether it would work on hassio and more specifically the whole 360 degree pan?

Would we be able to get tasmota on this?

Basically any info would be great! :slight_smile:


I don’t believe that Tasmota would be the case.
Since it is RTSP enabled, I think it should work out of the box with generic camera configuration.
I am waiting for more information too, since it has a ethernet port, ptz , seems to be good enough and at the same time, cheap.

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I just got a couple of these. Have hooked them into motioneye with the RTSP protocol. They seem reasonable quality for the cost, and I like the design. I can’t work out how to get PTZ working without the app though.

PTZ would need a bit reverse engineering but shouldn’t be that difficult by sniffing the traffic . I’ll also order one or two of those and see …but one question which has not been answered by drzZZz is if I can cut the internet connection and app from this cam and use it only locally?


Yes, I can cut the internet connection and still use RTSP on the sonoff.

Downside: after a restart it will only connect to wifi when there’s a live internet connection. Enable and disable internet, sigh…

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we need a fix for that :slight_smile: custom firmware devs please come here to help :stuck_out_tongue:

I was able to make it work via a card like this:


  - platform: ffmpeg
     name: Camera1
     input: -rtsp_transport tcp -i rtsp://rtsp:[email protected]:554/av_stream/ch0
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By the way I found that using motioneye brings my CPU load up about 10%:

idling around 13% all time

after stopping it’s service it went back to it’s normal 3%.

Has anyone figured out how to get pan/tilt working via rtsp?

Also, do they support Poe?

I bought this camera and tried setting it up. It will not connect to wifi, no matter what I do. I have two 2.4G AND 5G networks and one 2.4G backwards compatible network. Though the (awful!) sound pairing seems to work, it will even say that it has been connected to the network¹, but not connect to the app.

¹ it has not! I use UniFi hardware with a pfSense DHCP server. Neither of those register the camera as connected; if either of those did, they would (pfSense) assign it an IP address, or (UniFi) display it as a new client.

While one could sniff the traffic for pan/tilt, I currently do not see the point. I was only able to get it working via ethernet cable. However! Now I can view the rtsp stream via phone (tinyCam Pro) or in Home Assistant (generic camera with rtsp), but it is not able to connect to the app any longer!!

I am not sure whether I have to grant both the app, and the camera, internet access for connecting with each other… I granted the app access on my phone (with AFWall+; it usually is not allowed to connect to the internet, nor make any local connections; obviously I had to turn this off so it would be able to connect to the camera) as well as granted the camera internet access in my firewall. But the app will not connect until I reset the camera and start the entire pairing process over - and even then it will not always work reliably.

I really, really hope somebody will create a custom firmware similar to this. Especially because the camera even supports two-way audio. It would be perfect being able to not need the ewelink app, yet use all of it’s features; I mean, even if you can pan/tilt via Home Assistant / rtsp, you still wouldn’t be able to use the two-way audio feature, right?

Other than that… it is a great camera! The quality is amazing (even in complete darkness; it’s infrared night mode seems considerably better than the Xiaomi Dafang, which I also use). Pan/tilt is incredibly silent. And finally a camera with two-way audio; while the Dafang can play back locally stored audio, I have not found a way to use it to send live audio to it’s speakers.

How did you manage to hook this camera up in MotionEye?
I’m using the RTSP stream and setting the url to


but just get a grey “Cannot connect” preview…
Did you do anything special to get this to work?

I pretty much followed DrZzzs video. The URL you mentioned is correct. There was a step to enable the RTSP stream from within the eWeLink app. Other than that it was straight forward.

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They don’t support POE unfortunately.

Not yet. It’s on my todo list. I just need a less busy evening sometime soon!

Using a splitter like “Anvision 4-Pack Actif 5 V 2,4 A PoE Splitter adaptateur” do the job. If doing adaptor to tranfsorm micro ust to 3.5x1.35mm jack was simple for you. I can share you stl for the casing if needed.

Here’s my setup - the only thing different to the DrZzzs video is the Camera - which is coming up as DSS/6.0.3, but is still a RTSP TCP Camera.

I can’t seem to find any information on where this comes from, and presumably it will be the same for all docker images? Is this what yours looks like?

Thanks btw!

I can remote PTZ from the app without any kind of port forwarding. This suggests to me that the camera is polling the cloud for instructions, rather than the app/cloud pushing instructions to a service on the camera. I’m afraid that it’ll take a firmware change to make cloud-free PTZ a reality.

do you need to make it work through the app before?
I am able to connect it via wifi (camera is pingable), but I am not able to add the to the mobile app