SONOFF has stopped working today

After a reboot of my Pi HA on 2023.07.01 my SONOFF integration was throwing a message " appid is unauthorized!" and it doesn’t run. I tried a reboot, no luck.

I found this thread which reported the same issue. One resolution appeared to be to change some data in the file then reboot, which I did but the Sonoff integration then had disappeared.

On re-installing it requested my username/password but doesn’t recognise them. I am sure they are correct as I can log in with them on the phone.

Further down that old thread it was suggested that it was to do with the developer needing to register with Sonoff. That may be a red herring but then again maybe not.

Is anyone else seeing this issue?

What version of Sonoff are you using? eWeLink or AlexxIT or both. AlexxIT has a updated version of the integration. You will need to install it and reboot. Also I find that I needed to logout of the eWeLink App and log back in a few times over the last few days. It appears eWelink so working on software/firmware issues on their products which included Sonoff.

Its the EWELINK version.

I’m just restoring a backup from when it was working but will try the reboots as you suggest.

I restored the backup but it was still missing. I re-installed he EWELINK integration again and this time it accepted my username/password. So all sorted - for now!!

Someone in the other thread had said maybe the verification server was down. Could be, I guess.


I started having a very similar issue with my Sonoff integration around the time I upgrade to 8.1. It is strange because my sr26 sonoff switches still work fine. But I get a message in settings that my sonoff integration failed to set up. When I try and log in using my eWelink credentials, it states the credentials are not correct “app is unauthorized”. I know they are correct, because I can log into my eWelin account on my iPhone. I guess I am not too worried as my sonoff switches still work, but it is still concerning. I had heard that you dont really need to be connected to eWelink to get these switches to work, which is a good thing I think.

It happened to me too, I deactivated eWeLink and restored AlexxIT

Now it works again.

So, all I had to do was NOT enter a password, when logging into the integration. There was message “for DIY mode, log in without a password”. Once I did that the integration error message went away.