Sonoff, IFTTT and Google Assistant

I’d like to add my six Sonoff devices to Hass. I’m not brave enough to change the firmware on the devices so am using IFTTT via the ewelink app. This works and I’m able to switch devices on and off via Hass. The complication then comes with Google assistant. I also use Google Homes to turn devices on and off. If I turn a light on with Google home, the state will show as off in Hass. Is there anyway I can get Hass to poll IFTTT for the device state to keep things in sync?

Good to hear the principle works as I suggested this to someone yesterday.

Regarding your issue, the only way around it may be to use your GH to trigger the lights via HA rather than directly.

use emulated hue and control the lights with google home via hass.

Honestly though, just flash the firmware. The delay of going through IFTTT is pretty bad if you try to do motion detection or other time critical applications. If you follow the youtube guide on BRUH automation I don’t think you really have to do any programming at all.

Thanks I’ll take a look. I’ve only got 5 devices hooked up at the moment so shouldn’t take too long to flash them one by one. I’m more tempted to do so now as I’ve only had the devices a couple of weeks and had an issue with the cloud servers yesterday that left my devices useless for a few hours (after first rebooting sonoffs, router and access points in the house). At least with Hass I can reboot my own server and troubleshoot issues.