Sonoff integration shows 0w when on

I have two s31 Smart plugs. These are new for me, one is plugged into my water heater and has not given me any problems

I just plugged a second one into my Christmas tree and it gets into a weird state where it only shows the wattage if I turn the switch off. When I turn it on it goes back to zero watts. When I check the sonoff app, It always shows the wattage regardless of the state of the switch so I’m not sure if this is even worth troubleshooting. But I wanted to ask the community in case they have seen this before

Would I better off looking at an alternative firmware?

Do a complete reboot of the HA. It is what I do to get things working with the Sonoff/AlexxIT or eWeLink stuff

That fixed it for now. We’ll see long term

Good to here that. I’m coming up on a 1 year of using Sonoff S31 plugs. So I very slowly found what works reliably to get things back in sync.