Sonoff integration/TP-Link integration overlap

Brand new HA-er using Debian on an old HP PC. I have a TP-Link Kasa switch and a TP-Link Tapo switch, along with several Hue Zigbee globes, a Sonoff ZB Bridge-P and a Zigbee 3.0 coordinator. Active integrations are as follows:

I have my pool pump controlled to operate for a preset time and only when the solar inverter is producing a 30-minute average power over my chosen watermark, turning off when those conditions don’t match. Likewise the aircon is controlled according to the outside temp and the solar inverter output, for cost-saving. It’s been a challenging journey into the non-procedural world for someone who has a 40 year background in procedural languages…! :slight_smile:

However, I am unsure what to do at this point. When I load the TP-Link, Sonoff and Zigbee integrations, I’m getting what appears to be overlap in device names for the same physical devices. For example:

Should I be concerned about this? Should I not use the TP-Link integration if using the Sonoff integration (and vice versa)? What are the pros and cons of either way? Understanding this will help me decide how to define my environment for supportability.