SONOFF L1 does not show color wheel / light temp etc. in AlexxIT hacs integration

I configured AlexxIT SonoffLAN HACS integration to control my first LED strips Sonoff L1. It pops up finally in entities but the main problem is that the control window does not work - it shows only the effects, no color wheel, no color temperature, no brightness and seems to be cut off. I haven’t met such a situation in HA yet. Any ideas whats wrong?

This is the proper windows shape based on AlexxIT repository:

It will be fixed in the next version. If you don’t want to wait, install Master.

Thanks! I thought it’s just a bug related to the new color wheel developers mentioned on the blog.

Some development is there, brightness popped up but not the wheel. @pepe59 you know where to report it to the developers while avoiding duplication of the reported issue? Thx

You have the light off so the color wheel does not appear.

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No way… After everything I’ve learned and achieved thanks to HA in last several years am I really in this situation? Ok. Thanks a lot. Seems to be working just fine!