Sonoff Light Switch - Existing In Wall Switch Replacment

I have created a 3d printed case that allows you to put a standard into the wall and replaces your existing light switch. I know that there are some other projects out there that use the existing light switch as an input to the sonoff, but I didn’t like the idea of that because it seemed like it would be too much going on in a single gang electrical box and would be difficult to fit it all in. This 3d printed switch actually takes the place of the existing switch reducing the space required and reduces the amount of time working in the dark to install the switch.

In version 1, I created a custom pcb with 2 buttons on it wired to the header of the sonoff. But in version 2, there is no extra soldering needed making it super simple to make.
Version 1 video
Version 2 Overview video

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Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

  1. Awesome.

  2. Hows the durability of the v2 switch?

  3. Have you thought about releasing the 3d print files or selling these? There are a number of people looking for a solution like this on the forum

  1. Thanks

  2. There is not a lot of movement or force needed to actuate the switch, so it is plenty durable for the application.

  3. I have posted the .stl files on Thingiverse (linked in video description). I did contemplate selling the .stl files for something like $1, but I ultimately decided against that and just share it with everyone. All I ask in return is that you subscribe to my channel and like the video. It doesn’t cost you anything but it encourages me to share more of my projects.

v2 of my sonoff switch
(for reference: v1 of my sonoff light switch)

Have you designed a Decora style version, or plan to make one? For reference:

I have not. I do not have any of those in my house. However someone in the comments of the Thingiverse page mentioned that he put together that type of actuator for it, but I cannot speak to if it works or not. If there is enough interest for it, then I could go to the sore and pick up a cheap one to model after and then update the Thingivese page to include that .stl as well.

Reply to this message if anyone else is interested in the Decora style actuator.

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That would be appreciated! I have only Decora style switches in my house, so a toggle style wouldn’t fit in :slight_smile:

I would take a Decora style as well :wink:

I have received a handful of request for the Decora style from both here and on my videos. I will see what I can do to accommodate those that want that style. I am going to have to run the store and pick a couple of those up to model after.