SONOFF Micro - 5V Wireless USB Smart Adaptor

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New device from sonoff


WOW!! That is pretty sweet!

This could be handy for some of the USB powered things I have. Wonder if it can be flashed with ESPHome/Tasmota

Received mine yesterday. Someone managed how to integrate with HomeAssistant?

According to this article the device has been built on CKW04 chip (other sonoff devices uses Espressif ESP8266) and they say:

That probably means Sonoff Micro won’t be supported by Sonoff-Tasmota open-source firmware, or that it may take a while before support is implemented.

Awesome news


Just got the Sonoff Micro, is it possible to do DIY Mode with it? I would like to be able to switch the device on and off via an URL locally? Is that possible?

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